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Town Ball Parks of Minnesota


Border to border, Minnesota has over three hundred town ball (amateur) baseball teams. Town Ball Parks of Minnesota takes the reader on a tour of the state’s most revered ballparks, ranging from a multi-million dollar complex in the Twin Cities to a rural field at the end of a dirt road—arguably the most remote ballpark in the state.

Over the course of several years and thousands of miles, the author traveled the state to visit these ballparks, then selected twenty-seven unique, historic and beloved ballparks. The result is a book on town ball unlike any other publication.

Town Ball Parks of Minnesota features five hundred photographs selected from over twenty thousand images, together with entertaining stories about the teams, the ballparks and the towns. For those readers who grew up with town ball, this book will highlight the sport they know and have loved for generations. For those unfamiliar with town ball, the book will afford you a glimpse into why these ballparks are considered some of the state’s greatest sports treasures.

Ready to come along on the tour? This is a trip worth taking.